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Human Resources Manager

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Human Resources Manager (People Process & Culture Manager)


Our client is a growing global leader in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of home consumer products who is experiencing double digit growth and currently seeks a Human Resources Manager.



Provide leadership and supervision to recruitment and selection, new associate orientation, policies implementation, employee events, employee relations, union relation, benefits and compensations, lunchroom and transportation services, turnover and absenteeism analysis, pre-payroll of exempt personnel, pre-payroll authorization for direct personnel and support in all people process & culture activities.


Talent Acquisition / Recruitment and Retention

  1. Effectively leads/coordinates recruiting teams related to talent acquisition processes to ensure nurturing the operations with the right candidates according with the headcount requirements for the short, mid, and long-term plans. 
  2. Leads/coordinates hiring processes that ensure top-quality candidates for hiring managers and ensure a positive service-oriented experience for all candidates.  The process includes all activities from the initial point of contact through the hiring decision.
  3. Manages internal and external recruitment activities for the following types of positions:
    1. Exempt managerial, professional, and technical position;
    2. Office non-exempt positions;
    3. Wage and hourly (factory and warehouse) positions.
  4. Oversees the internal posting process to assure consistent messages to potential internal candidates.  
  5. Oversees the development and promulgation of creative, innovative and cost-effective recruitment strategies that will market our company as an employer of choice in the community.
  6. Oversees orientation programs for new associates.

Associate and Leadership Development

  1. Participates in building business acumen among associates and managers.  Helps to assess organizational development needs and participates in building programs, learning tools and a learning structure to accomplish strategic plans. Links programs and learning events with other learning plans (safety, Quality, Lean manufacturing, etc.) to ensure learning priorities are defined and consistently applied throughout the organization. Ensures learning is integrated into meetings and day-to-day activities and barriers to learning are addressed.
  2. Quality Action Facilitation: Trained in problem solving methodologies and facilitates quality action teams. Coaches/teaches others in Quality tools and methodologies. Team development facilitator with a strong linkage to Quality team.
  3. Participates in building and maintaining a succession plan for key management and supervisory roles.
  4. Provide technical and leadership training content, process design, performance management support to establish a more robust competency model and address gaps in organizational competencies. This position promotes excellence in the education of the workforce to drive continuous improvements in operations. Further improve performance by enhancing the training curriculum, assessing our companies’ performance and organizational structure and improving business processes.

Associate Relations

  1. Develops, disseminates, and administers policies and procedures through supervisory personnel.  Recommends and prepares modifications to policies as needed.
  2. Oversees the counseling/corrective action program. Counsels supervisors and associates and develops the skills of supervisors to counsel associates.  Investigates incidents and situations as needed. Serves as the final step in the termination approval process.
  3. Oversee “People Matter” type meetings.  Co-chairs these events with the plant manager.

Safety and Health

  1. Oversees/supervises the associate health office including placement physicals, associate assistance, drug testing, associate educational programs, etc.
  2. Ensure that associates have the proper training as required on safe work practices, proper personal protection including but not limited to orientation of new associates and organizing and directing training of safety committees.  This includes working with safety action teams in the facility to ensure implementation of the overall safety program.
  3. Oversee/conduct audits to ensure safety practices and procedures are being adhered to as they relate to associate actions, machinery and equipment and building and grounds and to recommend corrective action where deficiencies are found.
  4. Oversee the investigation and analysis of cause and effect of accidents, injuries, illnesses, property damage and near misses, communicating findings as appropriate to management and associates to ensure preventative measures are taken.
  5. Oversee the testing and monitoring of air quality, noise levels, and other environmental and ergonomic conditions, communicating findings and recommendations for correcting deficiencies.
  6. Remain abreast of Mexican and local laws dealing with Occupational Safety and Health to determine compliance needs and act as liaison for company with state, local and federal regulatory agencies.
  7. Oversee developing, implementing, and communicating emergency action plans and updating those plans as needed. 
  8. Ensure outside contractor policy is followed and documentation is maintained on premises.

Labor Negotiations and Relationships with Union

  1. Leads and acts as company spokesperson for all negotiations and interactions with the local Union.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Assess wage and salary trends in the local market.  Recommends wage and benefit changes as necessary. Monitors wage and benefit programs that apply as associates.
  2. Works with finance to prepare annual budgets for recruitment, associate relations, compensation, benefits, training and development, communications, etc.  Manages expenses to the approved budget.
  3. Supervises the day-to-day administration of the People Process & Culture department office (personnel recordkeeping, insurance, attendance, payroll changes and monitoring, performance appraisals, associate health, etc.).
  4. Ensures compliance with all Mexican and U.S. laws impacting Human Resources. 
  5. Oversees annual and special events and recognition programs, i.e. Associate of the year, retirement recognitions, service awards, company picnics, open houses, Christmas party Christmas gifts, attendance recognition events, suggestion dinners, etc.
  6. Negotiates with and serves as liaison with food service and bussing service.  Ensures the highest quality services for the funds available.
  7. Actively participates in the local maquila association and other business and groups as appropriate to ensure our human resources programs, policies, benefits and compensation programs remain competitive in the community.  
  8. Acts as the company spokesperson for charitable and social groups in the community, maintaining a positive community image which enhances our strategy


  1. People – Responsible for retaining and developing a work force of 1100 to 1500 associates with an annual Mexican payroll.
  2. Information – Responsible for the accurate and timely dissemination of appropriate business information to managers, supervisors and associates.  Disseminates information on employment and company policies and responds in a timely way to employee questions and concerns.
  3. Liability – Decisions made by the incumbent can have legal ramifications under laws governing the employer/associate relationship in Mexico and in the United States.
  4. Able to make independent decisions on policy administration within the facility.  Changes in HR policies and programs require the approval of the Director of Human Resources.
  5. Problem solving skills are consultative in that others often seek, and in many cases are required to gain approval from this position on their HR related problems and issues.
  6. Internal Interaction – Consults with office and production managers and supervisors on a daily basis to solve problems.  Frequently consults with other company managers Meets with employees to react to questions and problems in both group and individual settings.
  7. External Interaction – Consults with recruiters, applicants, colleagues and others (governmental investigators and hearing officers, etc.) on a daily basis representing our company interests and positions.


Candidate Qualifications (Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities):

  • Must be fluent in English and Spanish and have an understanding and appreciation of culture and business practices in both the United States and Mexico.
  • Ideal candidate will be an HR generalist with 5+ years’ experience as a Human Resource Manager in a manufacturing environment in Mexico. Prior experience managing HR in a large plant is highly desirable.
  • Advanced working knowledge of associate recruitment and selection techniques.
  • Advanced working knowledge of positive employee relations principles and practices.
  • Advanced working knowledge of Union practices and negotiation strategies in Mexico.
  • Knowledge in Occupational Safety & Health legal compliance (OSHA, EPA, SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, STPS), among other.
  • Experience with Organizational Development is desirable.
  • Experienced in preparing and conducting effective presentations before multiple audiences, including Sr Management and Corporate Level Executives.
  • An understanding of quality systems thinking with a proven track record of proactive interventions.
  • Values Safety as a number one priority.  (Work will directly impact the department’s ability to provide accurate, timely, and meaningful Safety information.) 
  • Ability to exercise considerable judgment and discretion in establishing and maintaining working relationships.
  • Excellent written and oral communications with a facilitative style.
  • Ability to plan, implement and drive the project work of teams and self with measurable results.
  • Must be a change agent, self-motivated, and an independent thinker. 
  • Must be able to represent the department on special projects. (Individually responsible for specific tasks and assignments and for working with all departments and Senior Leader Team members.)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience.

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