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Fitness Center Manager (Gerente de Club Deportivo)

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Our client is a service institution that develops in the fields of education, health, social welfare, family integration, care for population with intellectual disabilities, as well as in the promotion of health through sport. Now it is looking for a Fitness Center Manager capable of managing the human, economic and material resources to generate utility for the Association, as well as providing attention to the beneficiaries of the club of the services that are provided in a timely manner through programs and facilities in accordance with the philosophy of the Association.


Objective of the Position:

The main objective of the position will be the to design and implement the commercial strategy aligned with the Group's Growth Plan (2025), develop the commercial team to ensure that the members reach their maximum potential and implement a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and technology.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate in the strategic planning and in the achievement of the objectives of the institution.
  • Plan strategies to potentiate the services provided by the Sports Club.
  • Plan and implement strategies for retaining and attracting members to the Sports Club.
  • Monitor the proper functioning of Club Deportivo, through human resources, the correct operation of sports programs, teams and areas.
  • Manage economic resources.
  • Ensure the conditions of improvement of Club Deportivo for the correct performance of the operation.
  • Manage the proper operation of the management committee. (Mallorca)
  • Participate in the different committees and commissions established in the Association.
  • Prepare executive reports for the National Directorate of Operations.
  • Verify that sales strategies are being conducted to attract new users.
  • Develop strategies for user retention in terms of quality in service.
  • Be aware of the agreements established by the unionized personnel.
  • Verify the staff of the Sports Club according to the places authorized by the Basic Table of the Association.
  • The others that in the field of its competence entrusts the superiority.
  • Reports to: National Directorate of Operations. Positions that report to you: Administrative Coordinator, Head of Physical Program, Head of Aquatic Program, Head of Maintenance, Head of Public Relations (Mallorca), Sales and Management Assistant.

Relationships with Other Positions:

  • Controller: Know all the financial information of the sports club.
  • Human Capital Management: Attention to labor problems and compliance with established benefits.
  • Management of sports clubs: Coordinate events and activities scheduled at the metropolitan level.
  • Coord. of international relations, Camp Manager, Camohmila, Institutional Development Manager, Coordination of leadership and link with volunteering: Support and monitoring of programs and activities in the area.
  • Coord. Administrative: Supervise and supervise all administrative aspects of the Sports Club.
  • Coord. of Architecture and conservation: Everything related to maintenance and remodeling of the sports club.
  • Coord. Treasury: Request resources for the activities that take place in a sports club.
  • General Accountant: Provide information on the verification of expenses made in the sports club.


Candidate Requirements:

Experience and Education:

  • Minimum work experience in the position of 5 years or in a similar position in sports centers or similar.
  • Bachelor's degree in: Administration; Marketing, Accounting, Sports Management, Sports Administration and/or Leisure Time Administration.
  • Master's Degree in: Sports Administration and Management.
  • Management of tools: PC, social networks, virtual platforms, management systems.
  • Knowledge of the English language in a minimum of 70% spoken, translated, read and written.
  • Computer skills: Intermediate Excel, Intermediate Word, Intermediate PowerPoint, North, POLIWIN.


  • Mission- and community-oriented: Commitment to the company's mission and values, Commitment to inclusion, Commitment to users and community, and Commitment to volunteers.
  • People-oriented: Ability to influence, Ability to interpersonal relationships, Ability to communicate and Commitment to professional development.
  • Results-oriented: Commitment to quality results, Innovation, Ability to reason, Ability to manage projects, Capacity to procure funds and Financial capacities.
  • Oriented to personal development: Emotional maturity, Commitment to continuing education and Capacity for change.
  • Leader, Team Leader, Multi-Team Leader or Unit Leader and Organizational Leader.


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