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Director of Operations

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Our client is a World Class organization that manufactures and sells electric motors, compressors A/C D/C generators, actuators and drives for many industries and sectors. They currently have over 130,000 employees worldwide, over 300+ subsidiaries and more than $18 billion USD in revenue. This global leader is focused on supplying high quality products and growing exponentially through mergers and acquisitions. Currently they are expanding their product lines and manufacturing footprint in Mexico and are seeking for an experienced Director of Operations to support their multi-site facilities based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 


Job Summary:
The Director of Operations will be reporting to the Global VP Of Operations and will be responsible for ensuring that the two facilities are managed efficiently and are in line with the strategic objectives of the organization. The Director of Operations will be responsible for analyzing operational data, identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and as a result, implement strategies to improve productivity and streamline operations. The Director will lead an operational turnaround and will drive profitability and cost management, involve the analysis of financial data and the identification of opportunities for operational improvements that contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization. This position is based in Monterrey, Mexico (Apodaca, N.L).

Essential Job Functions:

  • Operational efficiency: focuses on improving the efficiency and productivity of the company’s operations. This involves identifying areas for improvement, optimizing existing processes, eliminating bottlenecks and looking for ways to reduce costs and delivery time.
  • Supply Chain Management: oversees the company’s supply chain, ensuring proper inventory management, supplier coordination, demand planning and efficient distribution of products or services.
  • Quality Control: concerned with ensuring high quality standards in all aspects of operations. This involves establishing and maintaining quality control systems, implementing best practices, conducting audits and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations.
  • Continuous Improvement: strives for continuous improvement in the company’s operations. This involves identifying opportunities for improvement, implementing innovative solutions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and measuring and monitoring results to adjust and achieve operational excellence.
  • Team Management: The Ops Director leads overseas operations teams, ensuring that there is proper organizational structure, efficient resource allocation and effective communication. In addition, he/she is concerned with staff development and training, fostering a positive and motivating work environment.

KPI’S Responsibilities:

Operational Efficiency

  • Production cycle time.
  • Resource utilization (e.g., machinery utilization, labor, space).
  • Production cost per unit.
  • Defect or scrap rate.
  • Productivity per employee or equipment.

Supply Chain Management

  • Supplier lead time.
  • Inventory level.
  • Inventory turnover.
  • Accuracy of demand forecasts.
  • On-time delivery percentage.

Quality Control

  • Customer satisfaction level.
  • Rate of customer returns or complaints.
  • Number of defects or errors per production unit.
  • Rate of rework or rework.
  • Compliance with quality standards and norms.


  • Number of improvement initiatives implemented.
  • Cost savings achieved through improvements.
  • Average time to implement improvements.
  • Percentage of employees involved in improvement initiatives.
  • Level of participation in training and development programs.

Team Management

  • Level of employee satisfaction and commitment.
  • Staff turnover.
  • Average response time to problems or requests.
  • Number of accidents or occupational safety incidents.
  • Level of compliance with established objectives and goals.


  • 5 to 7 yrs. experience in a similar role (i.e. Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing, Plant Manager) supporting a manufacturing work environment, preferably multi-sites or a large site in Mexico.
  • Solid understanding of P&L, metrics oriented with good financial acumen.
  • Experience with plant operational turnarounds is highly desired.
  • Strong Lean Methodologies and continuous improvement.
  • Able to grow to a Regional VP of Operations role.
  • Must have excellent verbal presentation skills (in English) to corporate leadership. 
  • Bachelor Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, and or similar related field.
  • Courses or certification in Black Belt – Industry Specific Training – Project Management
  • Must have strong leadership skills and ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strategic minded, able to look at the big picture and promote a vision.
  • Hands-on when needed and possessing excellent Problem-Solving skills.
  • Strong Communication Skills and ability to work in multi-cultural work environments.
  • Ability to Collaborate and build strong working Relationships at all levels.
  • Must be resilient.
  • Must have the ability to influence others and to push and drive new ideas.
  • Change Agent, go-getter, and result oriented.
  • Advanced level of English (written & verbal) and Spanish fluency.

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