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Human Resources Manager, Senior

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Our client is the global leader in manufacturing and sales of environmentally friendly business supplies with a comprehensive suite of print and technology services.  Their award-winning products are known for their quality and the business model is centered around sustainable innovation.

The Senior Human Resources Manager will be responsible for managing the human, methodological and technological resources that allow attracting, selecting, integrating, training, remunerating, motivating and proactively developing the necessary and relevant talent for the company's processes, as well as ensuring that labor relations and company operations are carried out in accordance with current Mexican legal regulations on labor matters, environmental and occupational health. This senior human resource manager will be responsible for all human resource (employee relations, recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, and pre-payroll), environmental, health, security and janitorial services for a large manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Mexico and small sales office in Mexico City.

  • Responsible for coordinating with management and conducting an analysis and strategic planning of the Human Resources necessary for the development of the operations of each area, in order to ensure the supply of competent personnel in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for evaluating and ensuring the authenticity and relevance of the profiles applicable to the positions of different areas of the company and guarantee the selection of competent talent with the same processes.
  • Responsible for validating the relevance, timely execution, and impact of the personnel integration process to ensure their identification with their activities, department and with the company in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Responsible for validating the relevance, timely execution and impact on operations of technical training plans and programs  and in safety and hygiene, to ensure the competence of personnel in the development of company processes.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with the process of identifying the training needs with adherence to customer requirements and at the same time, prospecting together with the rest of the managers the development of key employees, at all levels of the company, to ensure an adequate explanation of the annual training plan.
  • Responsible for analyzing, evaluating, and monitoring the implementation of systems for personnel records and controls that guarantee the availability and reliability of information for the different processes of the department for consultation or reference.
  • Responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the compensation and benefits system that strengthens the company’s competitive advantage in the Mexico labor market, to attract the talent necessary for the company's processes and maintain the motivation of the staff.
  • Responsible for designing, implementing, and controlling policies, procedures and projects related to the improvement of the organizational climate, as well as ensuring that the company's processes are conducted in accordance with said statutes.
  • Participate actively in the development of strategies aimed at fulfilling the mission of the company and in the strategic planning of the organization to add value to the experience of our customers.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with the Mexico Federal Labor Law regarding working conditions, compensation, dismissals, disciplinary measures and in general in all aspects of labor relations.
  • Responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing activities that reinforce the sense of belonging and identification of the staff with the company.
  • Together with the management group, develop and implement strategies to improve the performance of the Mexicali operation, focusing his or her vision on: Financial Results, Exceeding Expectations of our Clients, Improvement of Internal Processes and Education and Continuous Development of our employees.
  • Responsible for directing the design, implementation and dissemination of initiatives aimed at ensuring compliance with current regulations applicable to the company in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and that in turn add value to the experience of working in the company.
  • Responsible for controlling and leading operations aimed at ensuring hygienic physical conditions for the development of the functions of all personnel in general, as well as controlling the environmental impact of the company's operations in the locality according to the applicable laws in force and the principles of reuse, recycling and reduction of waste generated in our processes.
  • Responsible for controlling and leading operations aimed at ensuring conditions of patrimonial protection (security) of the company, ensuring compliance with the requirements of CTPAT.
  • Responsible for controlling and directing that the company adheres to the guidelines established for the requirements of Social Responsibility, through the SMETA program.
  • Responsible for controlling emergencies in case the General Coordinator is not present, is unable or has given him/her the instruction to resolve it; provides necessary accommodations for the emergency drills that are required, as well as the prevention of accidents, the correct handling of chemicals and correct disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (as well as those considered electronic), as indicated by company policies.  Responsible for compliance with ISO14001, ISO45001 in accordance with our training programs and  integrating the policies of Quality, Environmental Sustainability, Safety and Health into our processes.

Authority of this Position:

  • Define the relevant policies, regulations and procedures for the efficient attraction, selection, integration, remuneration, training, development and motivation of personnel.
  • Establish the objectives and efficiency metrics relevant to their HR department.
  • Represent the company and make decisions in aspects related to labor relations, safety and hygiene and occupational health.
  • Manage the staff assigned to their departments to ensure coverage and efficiency of service.
  • Manage and implement the relevant methodologies and technologies for the proper performance of the functions in their department.
  • Identify and report unsafe acts and conditions that put employees at risk.
  • Act following safety protocols in case of emergency.


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Administration or related profession.
  • 5 years minimum experience in a similar position as Human Resources Manager or Human Resources Director in a medium to large manufacturing site.
  • HR generalist background.
  • Strong recruiting experience with the ability to launch aggressive recruitment companies and develop a high performing recruiting team internally.
  • Knowledge of Mexico Federal Labor Law
  • Knowledge of Environmental, Safety, Security and Occupational Health Standards.
  • Knowledge of IMSS (Seguro Social) law
  • Familiar with pre-payroll.
  • Familiar with Mexicali employment market is preferred.
  • English Language Proficiency (80%+) required. Fluent in Spanish.
  • MS Office and other computer software. Payroll software a plus.
  • The ideal candidate will be proactive, results oriented, possess a sense of urgency, and a change agent but with balance and emotional intelligence.
  • Mus be flexible and a consensus builder.


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