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Permitting Manager (Gerente de Permisología)

Job ID: 7585


It’s a thriving organization that operates in the mega-region Tijuana-San Diego, primarily impacting industrial real estate, developing large compounds, expanding housing projects as well as private hospitals, commercial centers & sport fields. Over the next 4 yrs. the company intends to increase its stake yielding 13 million square ft with efficiency, enabling world-class industrial park developments, residential and urban projects.


This role guarantees real estate projects in compliance with the necessary permits and construction licenses, as well as with the feasibility of services for the development in a timely manner. The Permitting Manager is a fundamental position for the real estate development department because it is the first link to the company’s production chain, the speed to negotiate and obtain all the permits/licenses for every project is key to the success of meeting the company´s goals.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Management of Real Estate Projects.
  • Planning, coordination, monitoring and execution of plans.
  • Permitting requirements for real estate development (land use, licenses, environmental)
  • General knowledge of infrastructure management processes (water, drainage, electricity)
  • Institutional & government relations.


The prospect we are looking for is a resilient leader with emotional intelligence that embraces challenges, teaching by example with a high internal need to succeed. Understands the regulatory & legal framework, anticipates problems to coordinate with internal managers the necessary permits for industrial a housing development; negotiates strategies with authorities and third parties involved trough the permitting processes and proposes agreements to provide solutions, building strong ties and alliances with counterparts, Directors and governmental agencies.

Required skills & experience:

  • Negotiation
  • Accountability
  • Analysis of Legal documents.
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-Solving Orientation
  • English: written & verbal fluency
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Innovation and Technology Adoption

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