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Quality Control Manager

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Our client is a prestigious established company globally with a manufacturing site in Mexico and a corporate headquarters in California, producing & wholesaling tobacco and innovative related products since 1995 with popular and thriving brands on the leading edge of smoking accessories for the last 3 decades, constantly pushing boundaries to the upheaval transformation of natural products & flavors; leading the industry by quality control standards and innovation.


The Quality Control Manager based in the Tijuana, Mexico manufacturing plant wil have a strong background in the food industry, with experience leading the coordination and execution of Quality Control activities, as well as a particular focus to inhibit the growth of fungus on the hemp leaf applying quality assurance & complying with the highest standards to satisfy the client needs. Always promotes continuous improvement & thrives under pressure executing the manufacturing process with capacity to run a laboratory, and a strong leadership to manage team activities; conducting tests and procedures, the prospect has a strategic vision and conflict resolution, owns his agenda and detects opportunities for improvement, communicating assertively and providing energy to the organization.

Job responsibilities:

  • To fully verify the quality standards on production, according to product specifications.
  • To conduct methodologies and procedures to comply with client requirements.
  • Analyzes and controls the quality variables on products with continuous improvement.
  • Coordinates the efforts through supervisors and control inspectors, ensuring quality control and non-conformities prevention.
  • Ensures the correct use of materials in order to manufacture error-free products.
  • Guarantees control in the process, measuring and implementing towards desired results.
  • Presents projects to reduce costs and increase quality capacity.
  • Uses materials from the markets, after research, to ensure that the product is plague-free.


Experience & skills:

  • 5 yrs. of experience on quality related areas to food, fungus other similar
  • 2 yrs. on similar responsibilities
  • Statistical knowledge for quality control
  • Project management
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Lean manufacturing and 5’s
  • Green or Black Belt Six Sigma preferred
  • Bilingual
  • Knowledge & experience of Microsoft office tools
  • Statistical programs use
  • Capacity for data analytics

The candidate personal fit:

  • Conflict resolution oriented
  • Auto motivated
  • Agenda Ownership
  • High internal need to succeed
  • Team development
  • Service attitude
  1. US Travel visa required

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