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Business Unit Manager – Nutraceuticals

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Our client is a renowned leader in the candy manufacturing industry who has become a trusted name in the confectionery manufacturing industry and is expanding its horizons with the launch of a new and innovative nutraceutical and dietary supplements product line. Their commitment to delivering delicious and nutritious candy options that promote health and well-being has been very positive and they are seeking a dedicated and creative Business Unit Manager (Nutraceutical) to lead this initiative.
The growing demand for health-focused confectionery has quickly outstripped the capabilities of existing systems and has pushed them to start a new division accompanied by a new, purpose-built, facility to focus specifically on these new products.


The Business Unit Manager (Nutraceutical) will lead this new Business Unit based in Tijuana, Mexico within the existing footprint of the current manufacturing operation. This role offers more than just routine management tasks; it’s a unique opportunity for someone ready to tackle a challenge and spearhead a new division from the ground up. This is a pivotal role in developing, launching, and managing a new line of nutraceutical candies. This position will be responsible for overseeing the entire product life cycle, from concept and formulation to production and market launch. Your mission will be to create high-quality, functional candies that provide tangible health benefits to the final customers.

The ideal candidate is a motivated professional with a strong foundation in science and is keen to apply scientific principles across the business unit. With a history of effectively managing, motivating, and leading teams, they are now seeking a more challenging role to further hone their leadership skills. They are excited and eager to learn, with the ability to advise on, and contribute to, the development of comprehensive systems and procedures across all areas of the business such as production equipment, laboratory technology and systems, software, training, and compliance programs. Their investigative and curious mindset, paired with the supportive framework from the parent company management, will play a key role in keeping our company at the cutting edge of the industry by exploring new technologies, ingredients, and innovations while simultaneously providing best-in-class development and manufacturing services.

This role offers more than just routine management tasks; it’s a unique opportunity for someone ready to tackle a challenge and spearhead a new division from the ground up. As the leader of this new division in a purpose-built facility, you’ll have the freedom to shape operational practices with the support of a parent company with nearly four decades of candy manufacturing prowess. This role will collaborate with the Sr Plant Manager and other key stakeholders within the greater organization to align the Business Unit’s goals and operations with the overall company objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

Product Development: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including R&D, manufacturing, and marketing, to create innovative nutraceutical candy products. This involves developing formulations that meet health and taste requirements. Oversee the establishment and growth of the new business division dedicated to dietary supplement and sugar alternative confectionery manufacturing. Drive the development of novel products and formulas in collaboration with the R&D team. Develop and implement systems, procedures, and best practices to ensure product quality, efficiency, and compliance.
Quality Control: Direct the day-to-day operations of the business unit ensuring adherence to all applicable manufacturing regulations including Dietary Supplement (21 CFR 111) and OTC Drug (21 CFR 211). Maintain high product quality and consistency, working closely with the quality assurance team to meet or exceed established standards. Promote a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and operational excellence.
Cost Management: Manage product development costs and budget, resources, and timelines to ensure the sub-facility’s projects are delivered on time and within scope.
Customer Engagement: Engage with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth operation and timely delivery of high-quality products. Develop strong relationships with key customers and gather feedback to continuously improve product offerings.
Team Leadership: Lead a multidisciplinary team including production technicians, quality control assistants, finance & accounting, R&D scientists, and product development coordinators, fostering innovation and a strong commitment to quality.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that all products meet regulatory and compliance standards, including FDA guidelines for nutraceutical products.


The ideal candidate has a solid background in R&D, formulation, and product development, with a solid foundation in scientific principles; particularly in areas such as Organic/Biochemistry or Pharmacology. A strong foundation in science with a combination of scientific principles and a willingness to learn, our experienced team from the parent company will provide ample guidance and support with regard to basic and advanced manufacturing principles.  


  • Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree in biology, chemistry, pharmacology, bioengineering, or a related field is preferred.
  • At least 5 years of experience managing teams of 8-25 members.
  • Fluent proficiency in English and Spanish
  • Solid understanding of scientific principles related to food science, carbohydrate chemistry, dietary supplement and drug interactions, biology, pharmacology, acid/base chemistry etc.
  • Experience in R&D, formulation, and product development.
  • Some experience in manufacturing is desirable but secondary to a strong scientific background.
  • Experience working in Mexico is a plus but not required.

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