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Construction Director

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Our client is a large family owned company that operates in the mega-region of Tijuana-San Diego, primarily impacting industrial real estate, developing large projects (commericial and industrial buildings and compounds), expanding housing projects as well as private hospitals, commercial centers & sport fields.


Building on time, cost & strategy; upscaling the installed capacity of the company, improving processes, team development, implementing new technologies & necessary tools to support the company’s expansion.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • To build in +8 places, in different markets: industrial ships/plants, towers, residential compounds, from design to delivery, considering urban building and pre-construction.
  • To advise the strategy according to the level of each stage of the building to the client and stakeholders.
  • To select technology, tools and materials as well as equipment & machinery inventory.
  • To guarantee the quality and norms of construction to comply with certifications and domestic regulation.
  • To supervise negotiations, agreements, contracts, permits and licenses.
  • To provide high commercial strategy & new portfolio of clients.



  • +10 yrs. of experience building for companies, industrial ships, building within installed capacity.
  • High level of negotiation.
  • Familiar with software related to building and Project management.
  • Leadership, human resources, crisis management.
  • Time and cost management, assertive communication.
  • Quality and project transparency.

Soft Skills Requirements:

  • Directive skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Assertive communication.
  • Leadership and Motivation.
  • Teamwork, influence capacity.
  • Innovation.
  • Negotiation & decision making.
  • Conflict & crisis management.
  • Oriented to results.

Organizational Culture:

  • Business wise, able to scale projects, build a high-performance team oriented to results, honesty ownership of agenda, transparency, will to thrive and moderately obsessive.

What the Job Offers:

  • To be part of one of the leading industrial groups with greater prestige in real estate development and housing in Baja California Norte, diversifying in Medical Units, Commercial Development and sport centers.
  • To structure and model the strategic change within the next 10 years, towards the company’s growth.

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