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Is A “Robot Tax” A Good Or A Bad Idea? Survey Answers

First, what is a Robot Tax?

robot tax is a legislative approach to reduce the replacement of workers by machines. With the compilation of that money, the Social Safety Net will be able to provide enough support to re-skill and upskill those employees that lose their jobs.

With automation happening, this has become a doable alternative and a threat, as well. Even though applying a Robot Tax might sound reasonable for many, some people believe that this new proposal can also dis-incentivize innovation.

The Results

Noticing these opposing views, we asked our subscribers their opinion about this Robot Tax proposal. Here are the results:

Is a “Robot Tax” a Good or a Bad Idea?

 Is a “Robot Tax” a Good or a Bad Idea? Survey Answers

         Is a “Robot Tax” a Good or a Bad Idea? Survey Answers

The answers show a noticeable close tie between a Robot Tax being a Bad Idea (44.5%) and a Good Idea (42.5%). A near split in our respondents’ over 505 responses, means there is concern over a threat of loss of jobs, but also optimism for the future of work and productivity. It is also important to mention that  13.3% of our participants clicked on “No Answer”, which means there is a lack of information on the impact of robots on employment and people need to be informed more on this issue.

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