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How To Tackle 5 of the Toughest Interview Questions

Over a period of time interview processes have emerged like HELL! There are video interviews, panel interviews, group interviews, case interviews… and the list goes on. Few interviews conclude in less than 30 minutes. Others last all day.

However, one thing you can rely on is that you’ll likely get asked at least one of these disreputably hard questions. Let’s have a glance over what causes employers to ask these questions and the best way to approach them.

Tough Interview Question #1 – Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer?

A very simple one yet a latent minefield for candidates. Employers ask it to gain some idea of what your current accusations are and why you might leave them down the road. If you look like a job hopper or hard to please, this could be a red flag.

Firstly, never, ever trash-talk your present company, supervisor or position. It might be enticing to “expel” your annoyance with your current circumstance as a way of illustrating your interest in this opportunity, but this approach will only boomerang.

In fact, be optimistic, and discuss about your desire to attain new skills, bear on new challenges, etc. It’s always good to frame it as moving a step ahead in your career VS liberating yourself from your current situation.

Tough Interview Question #2 – What Do You Consider Your Greatest Weakness?

Most terrifying interview question ever! Employers expect self-awareness. They’re very well aware that we all (they themselves) have weaknesses, so the most dreaded statement you can claim is “I don’t have any.” Other answers to avoid are “I work too hard” or “I’m a perfectionist.”

So what’s another best way to answer it? A wise approach is to discuss about something that you’re working on — that you’re aware is not your sturdy ensemble and that you’ve been working to enhance it ASAP. Maybe it’s a certain technology, or contributing in meetings, or delegating.

One important aspect, if the skills set you consider a weakness is something that’s enormously significant to the job; you likely aren’t the perfect fit for the role and should move on in your search.

Tough Interview Question #3 – Tell Me About a Time When You Made a Mistake

Likewise to a weakness question, you need not claim that you never made mistakes. Employers are sharp enough to know that everyone commit mistakes from time to time. What they’re concern about is how you handle them — how you rectify them and move ahead.

While dealing with this question, you’re supposed to divide it into three parts. First, clearly illustrate the mistake you made. Don’t try and downplay it or refute blameworthiness. Tranquilly own it. Next, march them through the steps you took to correct it.

Finally, discuss as in how making that mistake taught you a lesson — maybe it resulted in changing a process or procedure, taking a colleague’s help in being a second set of eyes on something, or triple-checking an essential email prior hitting send. Whatever it is, you want to show that you’re now a better professional for it.

One note: when selecting the mistake to talk about it, it should probably be about a 5 on the scale of 1-10.

Tough Interview Question #4 – Tell Me About a Time When You Had a Conflict with a Colleague or Supervisor

This is very much similar to the 3 one. Employers are trying find out how you act in the face of divergence. Honestly, no work environment is 100% clash free. There are distinct personality kinds and communication styles at play, and sometimes things can get, well…tense.

While answering this question, take utmost care not to blame, bash or complain. You certainly don’t want to throw a colleague or boss under the train, or else the interviewer may think you’ll gradually do the same with them.

In thinking through the situation, ask yourself — was it conceivably a misconception?

Or possibly a difference in opinion or work style? Make certain to have some of the blame for the conflict. Employers know there are two sides to every coin!

Tough Interview Question #5 – We Have Several Qualified Candidates for This Position. Why Should We Hire You?

Here the interviewer is seeking for a sales pitch. They’re essentially asking you to make their job easier by having you influence them you’re the perfect choice. And, absolutely, you have no idea what other candidates bring to the desk. So you can only show what you bring.

This is where twos aspect come together to play-your understanding of the position and the department’s biggest pain points. They want a problem solver who will embark upon their most urgent problems as effectively and proficiently as possible.

So avoid speaking in fuzzy overviews or only concentrate on how “fervent” you are about the industry. Rather, deliver solid illustrations of how you were prosperous in solving similar problems in the past.

The best way to deal with this slayer one is using the PAR model – Problem, Action, Result. Demonstrate a concrete problem similar to what they’re going through. Then, march them through the specific actions you took to solve that problem.

Finally, show them the result with respect to metrics, if at all possible. Probably you might boost sales by 20% or reduced superfluous processes by 35%.

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