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5 Expert Recommendations to Get on a Headhunters’ Radar

Headhunters, recruiters, and human resource managers can help you land a job that suits your career goals and, ideally, your salary expectations. Whether or not you are satisfied with your current position, it’s essential to stay on headhunters’ radar. They could take you from mere career contentment to dream job exuberance. Recruiters make it a point to keep on top of job openings that you may not be aware of. By acquainting yourself with these professionals and letting them know your job goals (and what you bring to the table), you can create a job-sourcing network that could be of great personal benefit to you. By employing the following five recommendations, you can attract recruiters’ attention, who can help you achieve your ultimate career goals.

Evaluate and Update Your Social Accounts

Before you take steps to boost your online visibility, be sure that your online platforms are ready for professional scrutiny. You’ll undoubtedly want to spend time updating your LinkedIn profile. Be sure that you include any recent accolades, publications, or training that you may have neglected to include before. Although you’ll likely want to mark your other social network accounts as ‘private,’ you should consider leaving your LinkedIn account unrestricted to searchers outside of the platform, so you don’t miss any potential recruiters who are searching for a candidate like you.

You’ll then want to clean up your other social accounts or online presence to ensure that they are inspection ready. Go over your public profiles to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently sharing something that might turn off a headhunter or potential employer. In short, use your privacy controls consistently. Recruiters know that we all have a personal side, but they want to see that you reflect your professional image publicly at all times.

Boost Your Online Visibility

After cleaning up your presence on online platforms, you’ll then want to boost your online visibility. There are several ways to do this. First, you can expand your network on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Connect with more people in your field or in an area that you’re hoping to work. The social networks aren’t the only channels to consider when it comes to online networking. Involve yourself with online organizations and groups where other professionals in your business sector can be found. When searching for executive-level positions, be sure your resume / CV is posted online and contains keywords that are likely to be involved in a search associated with jobs you’re interested in.

Create High Profile Authority

Consider publishing blogs or articles online that demonstrate your expertise in your field. High profile authority is something that can get you on the radar of headhunters who specialize in filling executive or top-level management positions. Recruiters and HR pros routinely search the internet to find exceptional job candidates. The more high-quality content (i.e.blogs or white papers) you can publish online, the more likely searchers will find you early in their search. Authorship, speeches, and membership to professional groups will help you establish authority in your field, which is necessary for getting noticed by recruiters working in your industry.

Identify and Celebrate Your Transferable Skills

As an executive, you likely have hard and soft transferable skills, but are you showcasing them effectively? Do you reflect them on your resume or LinkedIn profile, for example? Transferable or portable skills help impress recruiters. Language fluency, time management skills, and problem-solving skills are essential skills for any top-level manager. But that’s not all. Do you have transferable skills that give you an edge? These are skills that are trending and likely to trend going forward no matter what industry you have your eye on. Have you done work with diversity and inclusion policymaking or programming? Highlight it. Do you have a particular focus on sustainability, mentoring programs, or knowledge of emerging business technologies? Be sure you’re celebrating these transferable skill sets, so recruiters take note.

Research Recruiters and Make Direct Contact

Finally, you’ll want to set aside some time to research recruiters who are specifically associated with your industry or job sector. Often, recruiters specialize in a specific type of industry or business niche. For example, some recruiters work exclusively in the biochemical or pharmaceutical industries. You’ll want to get on the radar of recruiters who specialize in your industry; they’re likely to have closer professional relationships with the types of employers you’re interested in.

Once you’ve established recruiters who are likely to be a good fit for your needs, reach out to them. Send them your resume and a personal note telling them that you’re exploring your career options and would appreciate their consideration or would even be happy to meet with them. Communicate your strengths and how you can add value and impact to potential employers in your niche. Make sure you tell recruiters you are highly motivated to make a change. 

Making positive connections with headhunters helps you get on their radar;  offering to help them on their current job openings by referring top-tier talent — helps you to stay on their radar. Recruiters have the tools and resources to help you get where you want to be. They want to satisfy their clients by introducing them to the strongest candidates. Be sure that you’re one of the strongest candidates for the positions you want to fill.

By Fernando Ortiz-Barbachano

By Fernando Ortiz-Barbachano

President and CEO of Barbachano International (BIP),

The Human Capital Solutions leader in Mexico, Latin America, and the USA, offering high-impact executive search, executive coaching, and outplacement.

About Barbachano International

Barbachano International (BIP) is the premier executive search and leadership advisory firm in the Americas (USA, Mexico, Latin America, & Canada) with a focus on diversity and multicultural target markets.  Outplacement and Executive Coaching services are provided by our sister allied company Challenger Gray & Christmas. Since 1992, BIP and its affiliates have impacted the profitability of over 50% of Fortune 500 Companies.  BIP has been recognized by Forbes as Americas’ Best Executive Search Firms and currently ranks #27 and #3 on the West Coast.  Headquartered in San Diego, California with satellite offices in Florida and Mexico.  As member-owners of NPAworldwide Recruitment Network, we are supported by partner offices in over 50 countries.


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