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Employee Engagement: 10 Awesome Ideas To Excite Your Team

As much as you probably always want to start getting your activities completed each day, you need to realize that you’ll always have to set time aside for employee engagement strategies so that you can ensure you get everything done with your team, not only efficiently, but also effectively.

Having good employee engagement strategies will allow you to develop your team to its fullest, and also give you the best results.

Remember, when you start looking at how to improve employee engagement, you need to consider the “whys” of what you are doing, and also look at your team as actual people.

Remembering that everybody on your team is their own unique person means you should be able to more effectively plan how to get them motivated so you can reach real results. Let’s discuss some effective employee engagement strategies.

1. Get Your Employees Involved

Make sure you provide your employees with plenty of opportunities to voice their ideas and concerns. When you have meetings with your team, you can talk about the issues you need to face together, and allow your employees to participate in making action plans to address those issues. By getting them active, they are much more likely to be both motivated and successful.

2. Share Ideas

Another thing you’ll want to do is to make sure you are sharing those great ideas with your team. When you don’t share knowledge, you can create dissatisfaction amongst your employees, and the end result of that is a higher employee turnover, which is also a costly problem.

Make sure that you develop some knowledge sharing that allows your employees to interact and share ideas with each other so no information disappears.

3. Be Creative with Knowledge

Make sure you are creative with your teams and let them have information about what other teams are doing.

Allow them to share some information, whether it is online or in meetings. Teams do a better job when they are allowed to interact with each other, and also tend to accomplish much more.

4. Make Sure They Understand the Money

Make sure your team understands where the company is at financially, and remember to share this on a regular basis with your team.

If you are able to show them how everybody’s work bolsters the company’s success and also helps make the company build-up financially, it will allow them to better understand how everybody’s jobs are interconnected.

5. Provide Room for Development

You also want to provide your team with room to grow and learn, and the best way to do that is by providing opportunities for development.

If employees aren’t given the chance they need to grow and become better employees, they might quit or lose their jobs due to no fault of their own. So, make sure you set up some kind of development and training opportunities, whether they be face to face or online.

6. Let Your Team Get to Know Each Other Outside of Work

Provide activities and engagement strategies for your team outside of work so they also get to know each other better, and get the chance to relax and have fun together.

You can hold employee picnics, dinners, team sport events, or other activities and allow them to bond outside of work, so they work better together as a team at work.

7. Get Your Team Excited About Opportunities

Working well with your team means you’ll need to tell your employees about opportunities as often as possible.

When you do this, you can get your employees feeling great about what’s just up the road. You want to get them interested in what’s coming up next, and by telling them about it, you open the door to getting them more motivated at work.

8. Let Employees Onboard with Creativity

Another thing you can do is allow employees to make a self-guided onboarding opportunity. In general, individuals do a better job of retaining information if they find it on their own.

All you really need to do is to set up some basic rules, simple instructions, some objectives, and a deadline. Let them come up with a 60-day plan so that they can start achieving milestones they developed themselves.

9. Scavenger Hunt Onboarding

Also, you can make some of the boring stuff you have to tell your employees about more fun by doing something fun with that information, like creating a scavenger hunt.

Doing something like this can allow them to look for answers about the company and learn more about systems and processes they may not already know about.

10. Make a Company Magazine

You can publish an employee-focused magazine that features news about various employees, accomplishments, and other stories.

For instance, you can even do an employee of the month feature. That way, you are sharing information while also talking about employees that are performing well.

Written by: Barbachano Staff

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