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Tis the season for hiring

‘Tis the Season for Hiring: 7 Advantages of Hiring in December

More often than not, we assume that December is meant to be significantly slower when it comes to recruiting. It can be seen as a time when the workload eases up, and the focus shifts from the hiring process to the office holiday party. Surprisingly, and contrary to what we might initially surmise, December is actually the prime time when it comes to recruiting, and here’s why.

1. There is little recruiting competition. This is perhaps the biggest and most important reason why businesses should seek to recruit in December. By the end of the year, many corporate recruiting budgets have run out, and as a result, recruiting is more limited for your competition. This is an opportunity your company should take full advantage of because it allows you to more easily entice your first choice candidates without needing to one-up the competitor.

2. Recruiting targets are more accessible. Maybe they have leftover vacation days, or less conferences and major meetings scheduled at this time. Whatever the case may be, candidates tend to have more availability at this time of the year, and as a result they also have increased flexibility for interviews. This is an advantage because it is less likely that the ideal candidate will slip through the cracks as a result of a busy, inflexible schedule and lack of availability.

3. Employed individuals are more likely to rethink their future at this time of the year. This is because the year is coming to a close, and naturally, we tend to look back and identify what was favorable, and what we may seek to change in the new year. Some of these prospects may be extremely qualified but are already employed candidates. They likely aren’t actively seeking a new job during the year, but because their workload is slower right now, they might be using the extra time to question if they are really in the best possible employment situation. Smarter businesses will take full advantage of this period of reconsideration by highlighting why their firm is a better fit and smarter move for their future.

4. The holidays are ideal for employer brand building. Developing a strong and favorable employer brand is necessary to attaining and retaining top talent. There is no better time than the holidays to showcase the right image for your company and highlight why potential employees should want to work at your business. Recruiting in December allows you to be creative in your branding, and include themes and ideas that might otherwise be difficult to incorporate.

5. You can set a solid foundation for the new year. Rather than starting off the year competing to recruit top talent and then needing to train these new employees while keeping up with business as usual, recruiting in December allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition. In other words, you’ll be ready to start off the year on the right foot, with a strong team that is already familiar with the norms and expectation.

6. They are already thinking about money right now. Whether they were disappointed with their holiday bonus or just tallied up their Christmas expenses, odds are money is already on their mind. This puts you at an advantage because all you have to do is respond to their desire with a reasonably competitive offer. Because this time of the year tends to be more costly, job offers, along with the notion of higher earnings, is now even more enticing than usual.

    1. 7. You can engage them in holiday traditions and festivities. While this might initially seem unimportant, it can actually function as a silver bullet when it comes to creating an inclusive company culture. If your newly recruited employees have the opportunity to interact and engage in a slightly less professional setting with those who have been around a little longer, you can spend less time on formalities and introductions. This might mean letting them in on the annual white elephant or office holiday party, but giving your employees an opportunity to bond can go a long way.
    1. As tempting as it might be to hop on the bandwagon and slow or suspend your recruiting for December, the advantages of working just a little longer and just a little harder can make a huge difference when it comes to setting yourself apart from your competitors. You can still make time for holiday festivities and end of the year celebrations, of course, but your recruiting cycle does not have to take a hit in the process.

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By Barbachano Staff

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